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"A Disciplined Approach To Real Development & Investments"
"A Disciplined Approach To Real Development & Investments"

GLR & Associates, Inc. (“GLR”) is an entrepreneurial real estate development and investment firm that specializes in single/multi tenant retail and residential development and investment opportunities throughout the Midwest and provides consulting services to third party clients and single tenant operators in sourcing and analyzing commercial grade assets.

Our primary investment objectives are to generate attractive returns and realize significant appreciation in the underlying value of real estate through (i) site and market due diligence; (ii) acquisition; (iii) development; (iv) asset management; and (v) disposition.

We will primarily focus on sourcing, acquiring and developing single/multi tenant real estate opportunities for lease or purchase.  Our development portfolio consists of national, regional and local retail concepts.  Suitably, we will primarily target these opportunities by capitalizing on the experience, reputation and the extensive network that we have developed in the real estate, retail and banking communities.

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